birth your transformational book

Stop trying to birth your book in a way that’s rigid, linear, dry & formulaic

Instead step into the transformational author you’re here to be, creating a vibrant writing practice that fires up your passion and a book that allows you to have the impact you’ve been dreaming of.

7 Day Refund Guarantee


Let me guess magical one, when it comes to writing a book you’re SO tired of the idea that you have to…


Get up at 5am and write for hours every single day to get it done


Have your whole book mapped out before you start writing


Be an expert in your field and have your shit all figured out


Grow an author platform of 10k+ social media followers before birthing your book

Now you’re looking for a more aligned way to write and birth your book into the world.

You want to write a transformational book so…

You thought about joining a Book-Writing Bootcamp...

BUT that approach felt too rushed and pressurised. Yes, you want to get your book out into the world, but the idea of sticking to a rigid timeline and following someone else’s formula just doesn’t feel good.

That’s why you considered going it alone...

BUT you can manage that for a couple of days and then something comes along to distract you (shiny object alert!) Also, you’re not at all sure wtf to write and end up in this cycle of second-guessing yourself as a writer.

You even thought about growing your audience BEFORE you write your book

BUT get so overwhelmed with all the different ways to do that. You end up comparing yourself to other women with much bigger audiences, feeling disheartened and not taking action. Your book feels further away than ever!

Here’s a bold question for you

What if you could stop feeling lost with your writing and instead, step into the confident author you’re here to be, so you can get into powerful momentum with your book and birth it into the world over the next 12 months (or sooner!)?

Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how!

I’m Nicola Humber, author of 3 (so far!) transformational books, founder of The Unbound Press, a soul-led publishing imprint for women writers and magical midwife to 50+ books over the past five years.

But it’s taken me time to get here!

When I started out as a would-be author, back in 2013, I imagined writing a book would be relatively simple.

I mean, I was already blogging every week and writing social media posts. I’d dreamed of being a writer since I was a little girl, so surely I could make it happen?

But then, every time I declared to myself ‘This is it! I’m writing my book’, I’d manage to write for a few days, maybe a week, and then drift away from the process, getting distracted with other projects and telling myself I’d come back to it at the ‘right time’.. I just couldn’t make my book-writing stick.

When I made the decision to write my first book, all the advice I could see was like this:

‘You’ve got to have it all mapped out at the beginning, write every single day and push through even when you’re not feeling it. What you want to write isn’t important – focus on what your reader wants’

This regimented approach just didn’t work for me, so I let myself experiment with a freer, more unbound, way.

And my first book, Heal Your Inner Good Girl was born.

but then

when I released it into the world, it felt like a HUGE anti-climax.

Although I found an amazing designer & editor to help me self-publish Heal Your Inner Good Girl, I felt really alone during the process.

I imagined that birthing my first book would feel amazing and change everything in my business.

But in reality, I had NO idea how to launch a book and allow it to make the most powerful impact.

And deep down I was still trying to fit into the ‘have to get it right’ box.

So for my next book I tried…


Growing my author platform so I could get a traditional publishing deal. But this felt like such a pressure. It made my book feel WAY off in the distant future when I wanted to have an impact NOW.


Thinking I should have a clearer plan on what this next book would be. But some chance! This one was determined to be more unbound than ever.


Writing every day (or at least more consistently.) But life kept getting in the way and my creative ebbs and flows didn't want to be tamed.

And that’s when it hit me!

I was never meant to fit into the ‘traditional author’ box. What if I gave myself permission to REALLY write & publish my book MY way? 

so as i stopped trying to get it ‘right’,



My second book UNBOUND led me into a whole new evolution of my work.


My books and the writing I’ve shared along the way helped me grow a vibrant, engaged community. Just one article I wrote based on the ideas from my second book, UNBOUND, led to my email list doubling within one week.


I started to truly trust myself as the transformational author I'm here to be and my unique creative process.


Through my writing I was invited to start my own hybrid publishing company, The Unbound Press, as a home for other magical women writers.


I discovered a unique book-creation process - Unbound Writing - and have been able to share it with hundreds of transformational writers.


I regularly receive requests to be a speaker or podcast guest, without pitching, and people I don’t even know recommend my work because they’ve read my books.

The best thing?


And it didn’t only work for me!

Since then I’ve helped 50+ women birth their books into the world.

So how does it work exactly?

All it takes are

3 Simple Steps



When you connect with the specific book that’s wanting to be birthed through you, a new momentum takes hold. You get to define your mission and capture the unique medicine you’re here to share.


It’s time to hone your story-telling skills and craft your reader’s journey. As your words run free,  your book starts to take form and become ready to birth into the world.


 In this final step you get to bring everything together and publish in the most powerful & aligned way.  Your book baby is ready to have a life of its own!

Can this really work? You bet, magical one!

Here are just a handful of women who’ve birthed their books the unbound way

Welcome to…

Birth Your Transformational Book

The first unbound program to take soul-led, aspiring authors from first idea to book out in the world, with 12 months of coaching support.

7 Day Refund Guarantee


on the inside

What you’ll learn

Phase 1

In this first phase you get to conceive the specific book that’s wanting to birthed through you.

You’ll enter a co-creative partnership with your book as you connect with the most compelling ideas for your writing.



Connecting with your Book

This magical process will connect you directly with the specific book that’s wanting to come through you and give you compelling clarity on how to move forward.


Define your Mission

Clarify your most potent purpose and create a manifesto for your book that takes you more deeply into the unique medicine you’re here to share.


Make it Me Mind-map

Uncover your personal stories and experiences that will bring your book to life.

Phase 2

Fully in creation mode, you now hone your storytelling skills and get clear on the journey you’re taking your reader on.

As you alchemise any fears or doubts that are bubbling up, your book starts to take form and become ready to birth into the world.



Reader Journey Roadmap

Get clear on the flow of your book so it feels relateable and inspiring for your readers


Alchemise Your Fear

This powerful process helps you to transform any fear or doubts that are bubbling up into the gold of compelling writing. You’ll be unstoppable!


The Story Sessions Training

Become a super storyteller, using my simple tips & tricks so you can easefully illustrate the key themes of your book

Phase 3

In this final stage, you’ll bring your book together, harnessing the power of beta readers & learning how to publish in the most aligned way for you.



Bring Your Book Together

Never feel like you’re starting with a blank page with this Google Doc template to guide you every step of the way


Brilliant Beta Readers

Invite the perfect people to read your book, so you have feedback, endorsements and cheerleaders to amplify your book’s impact


Potent Publishing

Learn the different ways of publishing your book so you feel confident to DIY the process if that calls and get the support you need.


+ you’ll also be invited to 2 group writing sessions per month

Total Value = £1706

Today’s Price = Only £777 

12 monthly payments of £77

7 Day Refund Guarantee

3 monthly payments of £275 (saving £99)

7 Day Refund Guarantee

pay in full £777 (saving £147)

7 Day Refund Guarantee

But wait – there’s more!

Join now to access these Action Taker Bonuses

valued at £111

Bonus 1

grow your community mega bundle


Book Launch Like a Boss Planner


Collab to Connect Playbook


Media Kit Template

valued at £84

Bonus 2

12 months complimentary membership of:


The Unbound Writer's Club (with 2 live writing sessions per month)

Total Value (including bonuses) = £1901

Today’s Price = Only £777 

7 Day Refund Guarantee

What people are saying about working with me

Testimonials from my clients

The guidance, experience and wisdom Nicola offers is exceptional. Her skills and passion empowered me to live and breathe my book in a way I was previously unaware I could do. I’ve been able to tell my story authentically, with celebration, with fear, with vulnerability, with passion and all the while held with love.

Angie Brierheart, Author of Menopause Wisdoms

Permission to write as an Unbound Woman liberated me to write my book my way. Knowing I have a brave space in which to write and share has been enormously beneficial in helping me write through my vulnerability. Other courses have overwhelmed me, but Nicola has made it easy to access the content at a pace that suited me.

Anna Sansom, Author of Desire Lines

My writing has flowed more than ever – I’ve been in the writing zone! It’s been a truly alchemical experience. I’ve faced many parts of my childhood story, which I was resisting and putting off. I’ve allowed my experience to unfold as it wants to and what has come through in my writing has often surprised me.

Tara Jackson, Author of the Embodied series

Unbound Writing is about so much more than writing, it’s a way of living your life. It’s giving FULL permission for your creative juices to flow as well as grounding it into a tangible form that benefits all who come into contact with it.

Lola Fayemi, Founder of Boss Ass Living

Unbound Writing is SO much more than just words. It’s an embodiment of a process that’s powerful, life-changing, and truly transformative.

Jo Gifford, Author of Brilliance Unboxed & Wild Currents

Nicola holds space gently, sensitively, non-judgmentally and expansively. I have learned that I can only ever write and create in my own unique way. 

Ali Roe, Founder of Ali Roe Creative

There is deep magic within this approach! Unbound Writing gave me the space to write in my own way, with no pressure… For me, it has been a creative adventure of exploration and discovery, where I met my unbound self as a writer.

I discovered my beautiful book’s energy and it’s premise. I also received writing and ideas that I hadn’t realised were waiting for me to write and create.

Follow your writing heart, trust your intuition and be curious as to where the Incubator program might lead you – your book is waiting to be conceived and birthed.

Deborah DLP

The unbound way changed my approach to writing completely. I found it to be a transformational experience. Nicola holds the most amazing expansive space for this to happen.

If you’re thinking of joining, I say ‘Do it’, it will be a like a supportive companion to your writing experience.

Patricia Langton, Author of Stones in my Bones

If you have any hesitations about writing or are not sure where to start with your writing, this is the place to be.  The magical safe container will hold you through your journey.  The circle of other magical women amplifies as the support will carry you through your journey. 

Terri Hofstetter

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Birth Your Transformational Book?

A: Birth Your Transformational Book is a group coaching program designed to help soul-led authors write, complete and publish their book in the most aligned way. 

Q: How much does the program cost?

A: The investment for this program is 12 monthly payments of £77. However, you have the option of paying 3 monthly payments of £275 and saving £99, or one payment of £777 and saving £147. This is a payment plan and not a membership, so it cannot be cancelled before all payments are made.

Q: What’s included in the program?

A: The program includes a video course giving step-by-step guidance for you to write, complete and publish your transformational book.

In addition to that, you get one year’s access to a student-only support group with 24h workday support and two group coaching calls per month. You also receive one year of free access to our £7/month membership, The Unbound Writer’s Club, with two group writing sessions per month.

Q: When will I get access?

A: As soon as you join, you’ll receive access to the Birth Your Transformational Book resources + live group calls.

Q: When will the live calls take place?

A: The days and times of the group coaching calls and writing sessions will change each month to accommodate the different schedules and timezones of members. They will generally take place on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and you’ll be provided with the session times two months in advance.

Q: Can I wait and join later?

A: Absolutely. Birth Your Transformational Book will be open on a rolling basis.

Q: Can I cancel my membership?

A: Birth Your Transformational Book is a group coaching program and not a monthly membership, so it cannot be cancelled before all payments are made.

Money Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! I’m completely confident in this process, so much so we offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.