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So magical one, you know you want to write a book, but
you’re struggling to believe you can actually do it.

You feel a pang of ‘that should be me!’ when you see someone else launch their book, but whenever you try to do it yourself you get hit by the (un)holy trinity of:

Procrastination: ‘It’s not the right time, I’ll get to this next week/month/year’

Perfectionism: ‘I just need to figure out EXACTLY what’s going into the book and then I can get started’

Chronic Distraction: ‘I’m going to do some research’ aka scrolling for 45 minutes on the socials

Believe me, I’ve been there, done that. And I get it.

Writing a book can feel like something that only specially selected ‘others’ get to do. It’s as if there’s an exclusive club for writers and you’re not sure you’re up to being a member.

Well, let me tell you: you ARE up to it. And that ‘club’ is not as exclusive as you imagine.

In fact, there are some simple, tangible steps that will help you anchor into the confident author you’re here to be and get into powerful momentum with your writing. 

And I’m going to share them with you in Compelling Confidence!

During this powerful 5-module program you’ll:

Module 1

Uncover your unique (and most compelling) voice, so that it feels natural and fun for you to write.

Find your writing voice

In the first module you’ll get to uncover the specific elements of your unique voice and define your mission, so you can write in the most authentic and magnetic way.

Module 2

Learn how to transform your fears, doubts and so-called imperfections into the gold of ‘you’re reading my mind!’ writing.

Alchemise Fear

In this module you’ll bring any fear & doubt to the surface, so you can fully own your magic and learn how to alchemise your so-called imperfections into the gold of compelling writing.

Module 3

Create a dedicated writing practice, harnessing the power of pleasure and (dare I say it?) discipline.

Create a Dedicated Writing Practice

In module three you’ll discover the Pleasure Principle – how to create a writing practice that feels good for you and aligns with your unique energy signature. You’ll also be introduced to the concept of Divine Discipline.

Module 4

Let go of procrastination and boost your confidence by completing writing projects

COMPLETE confidence

In this module you’ll learn how to harness the power of completion – finishing writing projects, revising a previous piece of writing with what you’ve learned so far and celebrating each magical step!

Module 5

Be ready (and excited!) to showcase your story and find the perfect platforms to start connecting you with more people.

Showcase Your Story

As you reach the final module of Compelling Confidence, it’s time to get ready to share your magic! You’ll create a simple media kit and optimise your author bio, whilst tuning into the most aligned places to share your message learning how to do that confidently.

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Elements of Your Voice Playbook


Define Your Mission Prompts


Uncover Your Fears Journal


Own Your Magic Playbook


The Pleasure Principle


Access Your Authenticity


Media Kit Template


5 x dedicated EFT tapping routines


Recordings of 5 x powerful Q&A sessions

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Today’s Price = Only £297 £97

7 Day Refund Guarantee

What authors say about working with me

Testimonials from my clients

Nicola’s method of taking us through this process is perfect. It allows for so many surprise and aha moments and leads to a writing self belief I could never have imagined possible.

Pearl Jordan

Knowing I had permission to write as an Unbound Woman liberated me to write my book my way, and that feels amazing.

Anna Sansom

The guidance, experience and wisdom Nicola offers is exceptional, it’s her skills and passion that enabled and empowered me to live and breathe my book in a way I was previously unaware I could do.

Angie Brierheart

My writing has flowed more than ever… I’ve been in the writing zone!

Tara Jackson

Today’s Price = Only £297 £97

7 Day Refund Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! We swear by our training, so much so we offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.